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Nordic International Ltd

Nordic specialist - multilingual journalism and translations

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We use only the best journalists

Our journalists have multiple years' experience, interviewing high profile people such as prime ministers, presidents and top CEOs, as well as covering UN, EU and NATO summits.

We have worked for leading international news agencies, national broadcasters and print media, as well as specialist trade journals. We have a solid network of journalists with a wide array of specialisms and languages.



Scrutinise a text and mark any grammatical or spelling errors. This service only highlights any grammatical or spelling errors. Use our editing service to improve a text.


Prepare a text for publication by correcting, condensing, rewriting, improving all text and documentation provided to us.


Articles, features and reports.

Business intelligence

Need to know what's happening in your target market?

Using senior and seasoned journalists based in the local markets you want to explore, we can supply you with the latest business intelligence for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

  • Special reports with the latest specific data, including information that can only be obtained by personal contacts or journalistic enquiry.
  • Tailored to your exact requirements.
  • We gather freely available information. Where it's not available, we interview key players.
  • Examples:
    • For a major steel manufacturer we provided reports on steel consumption in the Nordic countries.
    • For a manufacturer of cutlery we researched the cutlery retail market in Sweden.
    • For a company conducting due diligence, we researched the credentials of key, named individuals.
    • For a Norwegian publisher, extensive reports on Danish, Norwegian and Swedish shipping.