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European ferry company DFDS

Among the many editorial jobs we do for DFDS is edit its weekly employee English-language newsletter. Its contributors are employees, from ship captains to engineers, truck drivers and on-board shop managers, most of whom are not native English speakers.

Articles on the life of the company are sent to us each week in small batches for rapid turnaround. We quickly edit them into good, native English. Some are well written, but often not by a native English speaker, while others may be a mix of non-native English with Danish, Swedish or Norwegian mixed in.

We process it into sparkling English, with work delivered in a steady, fast stream up to publication.

We also proofread and translate - in a range of languages - press releases, reports and web texts, ensuring consistency in terminology.

"In DFDS' communication work, we require a large amount of translation and text editing, and nearly always very urgently. We therefore appreciate the speed, flexibility and reliability of Nordic International who also always deliver a high language quality. It helps us do our job well, that they understand our communication situation and do their job well. Having multilingual journalists and regular translators available is a flexible bonus."

Gert Jakobsen

Vice President

DFDS Group Communications

German business intelligence company TNS Infratest

We provide journalists in markets that TNS want to investigate for specific research reports. We have done the intelligence on the market for electric bikes in Denmark and fitness gyms in Finland, for example.

Reports typically detail size of market by turnover, list of key players, latest trends and regulations. They provide a decision-making tool for companies considering entering a new market or sector.

"I was very satisfied with the research, the results were very useful. I integrated them immediately in our report and the client was very satisfied as well. It helped a lot to have them in our PowerPoint template, this saves a lot of time on our side. Finland is always challenging because of the language. It is good to have somebody who can help us there."

Martin Ebert

Senior Project Manager

Business Intelligence

TNS Infratest Deutschland

Norwegian PR company Fete typer

Fete typer needed Norwegian to English translations for a marketing campaign promoting a new hotel in Oslo that were creative and not slavish to the source text.

They wanted a journalist translator to get the desired message across without getting bogged down in words that might not convey the right 'feel'. Fete typer has its own in-house resources but at times is stretched and needs an extra pair of hands.

"We have worked with Nordic International on the translation of many different types of text to English: From business and process descriptions to magazine articles and creative texts. It has been particularly important for us that Nordic International has translators with journalistic backgrounds and can supply good journalistic texts in English. They have truly done so across a range of different subjects and often with short deadlines. We are very happy with our partnership!"

Anette Hjerde

Consultant, Partner

Fete typer a/s

Anglo-Dutch maritime trade union Nautilus International

A key part of the work of Nautilus is communicating with its members, through its website and monthly newspaper The Telegraph. We sniff out news that matters from the Nordic countries and the Netherlands and write stories for The Telegraph.

Stories of interest to seafarers include labour market developments (legislation, employment), choice of flag that may involve job losses, company investments and so on. We also translate stories into Dutch that Nautilus writes itself, as well as reports and official texts.

"We have worked with Nordic for many years, and the length of our relationship reflects the prompt and professional service they provide. We have specialist needs, and they consistently meet them!"

Andrew Linington

Head of Campaigns & Communications

Nautilus International