Greater digitisation to drive efficiency with new business translation management system

For some time, we’ve been testing a new translation management system from XTRF and are now ready to roll it out fully in our supply chain and customer network. XTRF provides translation project and workflow management in addition to accounting features and quote administration services.

Implementing XTRF will benefit customers as:
• Jobs such as an English to Scandinavian translation will proceed more quickly thanks to automation. As soon as a job is accepted by a translator, approval is given and it starts, even if outside regular office hours.
• Gathering all documents and instructions on one, secure site means less risk of an important instruction or document being missed in an email.

Implementing XTRF will benefit suppliers as:
• Visibility is improved, with files, guidelines, instructions purchase orders and guidance in one place.
• Synchronization of pending, active and completed projects. Within minutes of our creating a translation project request, all connected suppliers can be informed of the request via email.
• They can easily access and download projects instantly.

Finally, the system will benefit us as we expect to save 1-2 days’ administrative work per month and will be able to issue purchase orders and invoices more quickly.

Let us know if you experience any teething issues and together we can address and fix things.

We have been using Microsoft Office365 for the past three years, which has brought many benefits, including shared email across devices, document storage with generous space allowances and regularly updated software. Our provider, Rackspace, is a global company offering cloud solutions and is extremely responsive and fast at dealing with IT support issues.

Implementing XTRF is another step in our digital journey.

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