What makes you different from other providers?

We’re your one stop for translators, copywriters and journalists, copyeditors and proofreaders.

We specialise in working in English and the languages of the Nordic region (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic). Through our extensive network, we deal with many other languages too. We work in both UK and US English.



What areas do you cover?

We cover many subjects and areas, including technical user guides, websites, IT, financial, legal and more. Automotive and maritime are industries we regularly work with.


What formats can you work with?

We can work with most common file formats, including Microsoft Word, RTF, html, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe InDesign. We use the Trados Studio CAT tool for speed and efficiency.


How much does a translation cost?

Prices are based on the length, subject matter, expertise required, language, urgency and format of your files.


How do I get a FREE quote?

Just send us your files and tell us exactly what you need and we’ll get right back to you with a FREE no-obligation, personalised quote. Contact us today.


Do EU businesses have to pay VAT now the UK has left the EU as a result of Brexit?

No, VAT is zero-rated for businesses in the European Union.


Why should you translate your website?

Reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients online.



What is the difference between editing and proofreading?


We prepare documents for publication by correcting, rewriting and improving. The result is a text which is:

  • Consistent in language and style
  • Accurate (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • Well structured
  • Suitable for the intended audience, including those who do not have English as their first language.


We scrutinise a text that has been prepared for publication and carry out a final quality check, making sure everything is in the correct place and is as it should be (consistent hyphenation, capitalisation, spelling, page numbering etc.). This is your last opportunity to catch typos and accidental slips before publication.



How do you guarantee professional standards?

Nordic International director Andrew Draper is a member of these professional bodies, each of which has a strict code of conduct. We follow them all.