Case studies


Educational institution in the USA

“Nordic International did a highly specialized and thematically niche English-to-French translation for one of our maritime e-learning projects. The translation was much quicker than expected and superb in quality. Nordic also provided an additional review of the translated materials in situ (online platform), which was incredibly thorough and caught even issues that had nothing to do with the translation itself. Communication was prompt and unfailingly pleasant throughout the process, and customer service excellent. Highly recommended!" US educational institution

Denmark’s national cluster organisation for the maritime and logistics sectors, MARLOG

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nordic International in connection with a – for us – major translation of our new website. I am very pleased with the friendly and helpful assistance, the efficiency, and most of all the result. I will definitely be recommending the company to others and will be back when the need arises again.”
Kirsten Weede – Communications Manager, Communication & Community, MARLOG

Denmark’s new maritime cluster organization, Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark (MARLOG), asked us to translate their new website to English from Danish to help them reach a wider audience. MARLOG aims to maintain and strengthen Denmark’s position amongst the best in the world both in the maritime industry and throughout the transport chain and maritime industry.

European ferry company DFDS

“In DFDS’ communication work, we require a large amount of translation and text editing, and nearly always very urgently. We therefore appreciate the speed, flexibility and reliability of Nordic International who also always deliver a high language quality. It helps us do our job well, that they understand our communication situation and do their job well. Having multilingual journalists and regular translators available is a flexible bonus. …I’d like you to know that we are very, very satisfied with the way you’ve managed the pressure of the last two days – it’s been invaluable for us in light of the pressure we ourselves were under.”
Gert Jakobsen – Vice President, DFDS Group Communications

Among the many editorial jobs we do for DFDS is editing its English-language employee and external news pages. Its contributors are employees, from ship captains to engineers, truck drivers to on-board shop managers, most of whom are not native English speakers. Many are not professional writers.

Articles about life at the company are sent to us most days for rapid turnaround. We quickly edit them into high-quality, native English. Some are well written, but often not by a native English speaker, while others may be non-native English with Danish, Swedish or Norwegian mixed in.

We polish everything into sparkling English, with work delivered in a steady, fast stream ready for publication.

We also proofread and translate press releases, reports and web texts into a range of languages, ensuring consistency in terminology.

German business intelligence company TNS Infratest

“I was very satisfied with the research, the results were very useful. I integrated them immediately in our report and the client was very satisfied as well. It helped a lot to have them in our PowerPoint template, this saves a lot of time on our side. Finland is always challenging because of the language. It is good to have somebody who can help us there.”
Martin Ebert – Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, TNS Infratest Deutschland

We provide journalists in markets that TNS wants to investigate for specific research reports. We have compiled intelligence on the market for electric bikes in Denmark and fitness gyms in Finland, for example.

Reports typically detail the size of market by turnover, a list of key players and information on the latest trends and regulations. They provide a decision-making tool for companies considering entering a new market or sector.

Norwegian PR company Fete typer

"We have worked with Nordic International on the translation of many different types of text to English: From business and process descriptions to magazine articles and creative texts. It has been particularly important for us that Nordic International has translators with journalistic backgrounds and can supply good journalistic texts in English. They have truly done so across a range of different subjects and often with short deadlines. We are very happy with our partnership!"
Anette Hjerde – Consultant, Partner, Fete typer a/s

Fete typer needed Norwegian to English translations for a marketing campaign promoting a new hotel in Oslo. The text had to be creative and not overly reliant on the style of the source text.

They wanted a journalist and translator to get the desired message across without getting bogged down in words that might not convey the right ‘feel’. Fete typer has its own in-house resources, but needs an extra pair of hands at busy times.

Anglo-Dutch maritime trade union Nautilus International

"We have worked with Nordic for many years, and the length of our relationship reflects the prompt and professional service they provide. We have specialist needs, and they consistently meet them!"
Andrew Linington – Head of Campaigns & Communications, Nautilus International

A key part of Nautilus’ work is communicating with its members, through its website and monthly newspaper the Telegraph. We sniff out the news that matters from the Nordic countries and the Netherlands and write for the Telegraph.

Stories of interest to seafarers include labour market developments (legislation, employment), choices of flag that may involve job losses, company investments and so on. We also translate stories into Dutch that Nautilus writes itself, as well as reports and official texts.

Danish industrial company Palcut

"It’s REALLY nice of you to check it all through and let me know of the outstanding changes to be made. It’s wonderful to have such a sharp and competent co-operation partner!”
Kristine Nørskov Høgsberg – Marketing Manager, Palcut A/S

Palcut makes state-of-the-art automated sheet dispensers and anti-slip paper and strives to set new standards in packaging.

It needed an overhaul of its website. Nordic International edited the English into native standard, fixing typos, inconsistencies and difficult-to-understand language. Advanced editing software was used to ensure consistency of terminology and style across the many website pages.

Once it was approved, we translated the website into Italian, French and German to help the company with its sales activities in those markets. Advanced translation software (SDL Studio) was used to ensure consistency and to save time and costs.

Since then, we have translated news stories about the company from Danish to French, Italian, German and English.